Peer Review Process

The following are some essential features of the thorough peer review process that all research articles published in SIYAR Journal Journal go through:

1. At least two anonymous referees assess each submitted paper for originality, contribution, relevance, and presentation (blind-peer review).

2. The Editors-in-Chief of the journals decide which reviews to publish based solely on the information provided. The review's findings will be communicated to the author(s) by the editor as soon as feasible, ideally within 30 to 60 days.

3. Members of the international Editorial Boards help the Editors-in-Chief make decisions on particular submissions by providing them with information, counsel, and direction.

4. The administrative support that enables SIYAR Journal to uphold the standards of peer review while offering authors, reviewers, and editors alike quick turnaround times and optimal efficiency is supplied by managing editors and editorial assistants.

5. Through the process of manuscript referral, SIYAR Journal also benefits from the excellent peer review carried out by reputable journals.

6. Ithentichate is the tool used to detect plagiarism in articles published in this publication.